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Companies in change

dig in the dirt, make a plan and build a garden

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Lotus Land Consulting is built on well-known LEAN principles for process development. Many companies are now approaching their greatest challenge towards a climate smart production and far from all companies have this competence in house. 

Examples of assignments

Redesign of work space for a smooth work flow: how do materials enter the premises, how are they stored, how do staff move around to be effective in their work

Process mapping: every step in the production process is observed and documented in one big map, how do different parts of the process work as one complete picture and does it contain any specific waiting areas that can be adjusted - all to create and review an alternative process

Change Management: how to create change that motivates and makes an improved work environment for everyone involved, and do we work in silos or as a team? What are the values for your team to work together?

Climate smart development plan: we dig into all aspects of the production and make a review of the entire process to help create a plan for a sustainable production


I want to be hands-on in projects, create openness towards change, collaborations and show all the possibilities with my mapping. Sometimes the business is so big in scale that the different processes are unaware about each other’s role or potential. A detailed map can reveal the complete picture and provide an overview that brings value for everyone involved.

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