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Wild therapy

plant a seed, grow wings and dive deep

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Wild therapy is a term for having a therapeutic conversation with nature as an additional force. As an example, during the session we use our senses to reconnect with nature. I also often use the four elements in my sessions.


We meet in nature, either together or online depending on where we are located at the moment. Nature is always present and recent research shows that only 20-30 minutes of being presence in nature on a daily basis will reduce stress hormones (Hunter et al. Frontiers in Psychology April 2019, Vol 10, Article 277).


Examples of different sessions

  • Walk and Talk: we walk together while we talk

  • Tree therapy: we sit with our back leaning towards the stem, or swinging in a hammock between two trees while we talk

  • Earthing: we walk barefoot on different surfaces and let the sensation guide us

  • View therapy: we walk in silence a short distance to a beautiful spot with a view where we sit down to talk

  • Stand Up Paddling: we paddle to a place nearby or sit on the boards while the waves carry us

  • Bonfire: we make a small fire in a safe place to accompany the conversation      



All sessions are hourly with a 24-hour free rebooking if anything would turn up. Otherwise session is paid in full. Do consider extra time, from 30-45 minutes for getting to and from our destination.  


Please contact Lotus Land for price details and a generous welcome deal for new customers.

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