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Therapeutic change

plant a seed, grow wings and dive deep


Lotus Land offers therapeutic conversations in nature or online. I invite you to have open conversations were anything is allowed to bring to the table. You decide the journey and at what speed we travel. I will be your private pilot on your emotional journey with peaks, storms and eternal sunshine. 

Before we take off, we look at the map to review if there are any specific hurdles to carefully sequence or tools we might need. Get in touch for more tailored information that will fit your needs.


Lotus Land aims to work in all time zones and is available for early morning/evening and weekend sessions as well as usual business hours. The time is yours.


Examples of nature sessions

Walk and Talk: we walk together while we talk

Tree therapy: we sit with our back leaning towards the stem, or fly slowly looking at the tree tops while swinging in a hammock between two trees while we talk

Earthing: we walk barefoot on different surfaces and let the experience guide us through the conversation

View therapy: we walk in silence a short distance to a beautiful spot with a view where we sit down to talk

Stand Up Paddling: we paddle to a place nearby or sit on the boards while the waves carry us

Bonfire: we make a small fire in a safe place to accompany the conversation      


Online conversations can be over the phone or via a digital video solution. All sessions are hourly and prepaid with a 24-hour free rebooking if anything would turn up. Otherwise session is paid in full. 

Contact Lotus Land for price details and a generous welcome deal for new customers.

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