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Ecosomatic hike

hear the birds sing

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In a world overloaded with to-do-lists I want to invite you to come along for a hike devoted to reconnecting with the wild. Nature will always be there for you without asking anything in return. When you slow down your step, sit in silence and listen to the movement of your surroundings. Birds singing, wind and waves, insects and other creatures. This will recharge your energy levels, body and brain gains recovery from stress and you might just be so lucky to encounter a wild moment in front of your eyes.


Ecosomatic philosophy views our ecosystem as one. Humans are part of the ecosystem as all other living creatures and we are all valuable for the entire planet.


Lotus Land organizes hikes with an ecosomatic approach for people who would like to reconnect with nature. You will be guided through some exercises to train your focus to be one with nature. 



Welcome to connect and reach out if you would like to know more on how to book this kind of hike

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