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Add nature to your life?

Lotus Land offer Ecosomatic hikes as well as individual sessions in Wild therapy. Lotus Land welcomes you to reconnect with nature, show you a path to walk bare foot, support and encourage deep conversations and guide you to find your own sustainable solutions.


Nature is solid and at the same time in constant movement. Same goes for the body. Nature does not ask questions, makes no demands on either progress or goals, can definitely keep a secret and is always present no matter where you are located. Allow nature hold to you. 

Research shows in one study after the other how humans are in deep need to reconnect with nature. We are lost when it comes to stay still, allow the process to take time and create space for our own recovery. Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished is a quote by Lao Tzu. 


Change is the essence of life itself and somehow, we often make change a hurdle of resistance. Lotus Land is all about your change and finding new directions. When personal trauma, grief or relationships rocks our foundation we might be in need of guidance or someone to hear us. 


Welcome to Lotus Land

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