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Meet the founder

My name is Gunilla Andersson and I believe in the power of nature.


I am the founder of Lotus Land and this journey started with my desire to add nature to the therapeutic exchange. Sitting in a therapy room often made me feel small. It could take me a long time to actually find the feelings I needed to talk about and by then the session was over. Being in the wild I get closer to my emotions and nature allows me perspectives that simply does not exists in a room. Wild therapy is different from traditional but one form does not replace the other. I have benefited from both forms.


Like many others, I did a restart of my entire life when the global pandemic of Covid-19 closed down the world. I moved into my vacation house and this became my permanent address, I trained to become a therapist and in addition went for 25 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions, took a hard look at what sustainable life choices I found valuable to pursue and learned how animals sometimes can be essential in supporting humans back to their life. But most of all, I slowed down. I took time to rest, reflect and evaluate. Lotus Land is my way forward.


I am a biologist at heart and cannot help sharing knowledge or pointing in the direction of animals or their traces when I am hiking. I find the sounds of nature to be in connection to my heart and soul. Nothing sooths me like being in the wild. In addition, I am diving deep into the area of Ecopsychology at the moment and find wild therapy, reconnection with nature and biophilia bringing all of my competences into one exciting base. 


Welcome to contact me for more information or come along on an Ecosomatic hike.

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