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Meet the founder

My name is Gunilla Andersson and I believe in the power of nature.


I am the founder of Lotus Land and this journey started with my desire to add nature to the therapeutic exchange. All the colors of the sea, the wind moving through the trees and all the stars on a dark night has always had a calming effect on me.


I have a highly sensitive personality (HSP) and this is my treasure navigating the world. I use a technique where I let my HSP trait guide the conversation to find new perspectives. I am a member of SFH (Sveriges Förening för Högkänsliga) and you will find me under external services here.


​I love to create prospects to motivate the progress, drive the process, prioritise and meet deadlines both in relationship to regulations and management. This aspect works both in process development as well as on your personal journey.


So, if you are in need of change, Lotus Land is here for you.

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