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Group happening – if you are a group of five or more people feel free to reach out. If you are one or two people short contact me anyway and I will see if there are any other people interested in the same happening at the same time. We meet, we talk and share our knowledge and concerns. There will be time for questions on all happy happenings.

I will need a contact person representing the group and a couple of dates when the group are able to meet. Everything else will be tailored to your group.


Select your Happy Happening


Happy HSP  Do you want to know more about HSP? Have you just found out that you are HSP – what now? How to prosper with HSP? Or do you have a partner/friend that are HSP?  This is a two-hour happening. Price 200 kr per person.

Happy Sustainable Change  What parts do you want to focus on? How do you make change happen and last? Both from an environmental and a personal perspective. This is a four-hour happening. Price 350 kr per person.

Happy Guided Meditations in Nature  I hold meditations in nature based on the four elements. Select the meditation that suits your group and contact me for a private booking. This one is flexible in time and depends if you would like one or two meditations during your group time. If you want to know more about the meditations available go here

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