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Guided Meditations

Welcome to pick and choose among these meditations. Select one or two that suits your focus and well being at this time.

For example, from 8 am to 1 pm, we meet up outdoors and I bring you all to a private spot nearby for a morning Air meditation, we then hike for an hour to our next stop where we have lunch and make a small safe fire. After lunch we use the flames for our second Fire meditation and then we hike back to return to our amazing life again.

Price 550 kr per person as described above.


A guided meditation on the breath you take, how the air flowing through your body can assist you staying strong and healthy. 



Let me guide you along the sea for a coastal walk, some parts in silence and some parts talking, sharing and acknowledging. There will be time for a swim if you want to and if the water is warm enough, we might do one part in the water.



A guided tree meditation feeling the wisdom from the trees, the stability, the lush greenery and the solitude in finding that special place in nature. We place hammocks between the trees or use a yoga mat on the ground. 



With the help of a small and safe fire we write down a special experience that we would like to set free, we share and acknowledge the experience in the group. Finally, if you are ready, we burn the written statements to release you from the hold of that particular experience.

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